In a past life, we were CHICKS on FLICKS.  After a bit of a hiatus, we are back under a shiny new name, but chock full of the same old silliness.

OFTEN OFF-TOPIC is a mostly monthly film podcast in which your intrepid hosts, Amber & Kristine, chat about flicks. Old flicks, fresh flicks and flicks you may have forgotten. We’re nerdy, regularly ridiculous, a bit irreverent, and often off-topic. We like good horror, beards, spaceships, fallen angels, and wish remakes would remain unmade.

Technically, we’re not really-real critics, we’re just two humans who dig films, like to talk about them, and fall down whatever rabbit hole we come across!

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Writer. Compulsive book buyer. Fountain pen nerd. I climb walls, watch movies and kill Bloaters.




Art maker. Geek. Film nerd. Data girl. Theatre minion. Humanist. Science fangirl. Team #Murdersnuggles. Gamer girl. Explorer of the Cosmos.