Episode 16: The Dark Crystal

The Dark Crystal

Yes, we are back… again. Yeah, we know, we know. But this time around we have ourselves some help – a sound engineer (Hi Carl!) to keep us on track and our podcast edited in a timely manner. Editing is the worst. Please welcome Carl to the Often Off-Topic fam!

This month, we visit the magical world of Thra and review 1982’s, The Dark Crystal. It’s a puppet movie by the fine folks at the Henson Company, but it’s not just any puppet movie. It’s a dark 1980s classic that is being re-imagined by way of a prequel series entitled The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance (premiering on Netflix on August 30th, 2019).

But before we enter the world of the skeksis, gelfings and their friends, we discuss video games, cannibal daddies, white lady tears, and what we have been up to.

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  • Amber references a film called Maybe Be My Baby, but it’s actually called Always Be My Baby.
  • The Doctor Who episode that Kristine references is “Curse of the Black Spot“; which aired on May 7, 2011 during Matt Smith’s (Eleven) tenure on the show.
  • Kristine mispronounced a name. It’s not Damien MOLOY, it’s Damien MOLONY. Sorry, Damien! How embarassing.
  • It’s not Garnum. It’s not Garthum. It’s Garthim.
  • The Disney/Animation voice actor documentary referenced in this episode is called “How Aladdin Changed Animation (by Screwing Over Robin Williams)“.
  • Directed By Women is running a 365 day blogging project called Crucial 21st Century Cinema (#CRUCIAL21DBW). It is a daily blogging initiative that reviews 21st century projects directed by women. It’s a wonderful project that Kristine is participating in. And! They are still looking for contributors. If you are interested, you can join the project here.

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